My posts on this page announce news + events relating to my work as an illustrator and artist. As a blog, it also allows me to showcase and talk about all things inspirational and of interest to my roving eye.


Music Mondays 25

PANDA BEAR: Boys Latin

Directed by Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch


Canadian Stamp News

Recently, the website Canadian Stamp News, posted a story about the historical achievements of late Canadian Prime Minister Lester B Pearson. Among some of these stories were his contributions to the development of a redesigned Canadian flag and his image used on Canada Post stamps, one of which featured my portrait of Pearson for the Millennium Collection that was released in 2000. This is not a great copy of the stamp image but it certainly gives you a good idea of a more controlled style of my work for this usage and time in my career. I don't work like this at all any more. Very interesting and lengthy process involved in this project, not just because of the likeness of Pearson’s face that I needed to focus on, but the very rigid approval process in choosing the best image of perhaps a dozen sketches that I pitched. The original painting hangs in my brother’s law office.




This is an new illustration for an article about Digital Hives and it details how online communities are helping companies engage with employees to create a ‘surge’ around change. Thanks to AD Delilah Zak for the great assignment.



This is a new illustration for latest cover of the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association. The image addresses technology and the role of patients in years to come such as increased opportunities for self testing, home monitoring and telemedicine.

Thanks to AD Lotte Grønneberg for the great assignment! I have included the cover design here as I love the clean white background and the echoes of the illustration’s grey tones in the type design.




A ‘moving album cover’ to accompany the physical album release for Bjork’s new Vulnicura. The music is from the song Family. Disturbing and beautiful all at once.